Culture Show 2014

Hyphen (Asian American Students’ Association) is hosting its annual Culture Show this coming Saturday(11/15) at 7:30PM in Thomas Great Hall. Our theme is “Insider-Outsider”: someone’s inclusion or exclusion in a group, either by themselves or by other group members. No one is a complete insider or outsider to any group, and we invite you to come explore this theme with us.
Saturday, November 15
Thomas Great Hall, Bryn Mawr College
Doors @7PM, Show @7:30PM
Performances include Wellesley Wushu (Chinese martial arts), Swarthmore Taiko, spoken word, rap, LED hooping, music and dance, a fashion show, and more.Check out our Facebook event, and get a sneak peek of some performances here!?? and

Name Change

In light of recent events surrounding race and identity on campus, Asian Students’ Association (ASA) has decided to change our name to Hyphen (Asian-American Students’ Association).

Two major changes have been made: the new title, Hyphen, and the addition of the –American to our subtitle.
  1. The name Hyphen was chosen to represent the space between Asian-American, a space which is not necessarily hyphenated but is one that Asian Americans must constantly negotiate, reclaim, and redefine.
  2. This is also why we chose to add the –American to our subtitle; part of negotiating our identity includes struggling with American racial dynamics and the “Model Minority” myth and “Forever Foreigner” stereotypes, among others. These stereotypes falsely homogenize the Asian-American experience by erasing the prejudices we face as people of color from a diverse group of cultural minorities.Despite our name change, we still welcome those who do not identify as Asian-American. But our club mission remains the same: to start conversations about Asian American identity and its intersections, especially within Bryn Mawr College; to serve as a general safe space for Bryn Mawr College’s Asian-American community; and to stand in solidarity with those who must also identify as a –American.