Orchestra2001@ Swarthmore College

Orchestra2001 along with University of Pennsylvania and Swarthmore College will host an Orchestra concert of “New Music from Asia “ at Irvine Auditorium.  The concert feature works by famous Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese modern composers. Such as composers who wrote sound scores for  the filmmaker Akira Kurosawa (黑泽明) and the movie Crouching Tiger,  Hidden dragon (卧虎藏龙). Below is the time and date of the event.



THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2015, 8:00 pm; pre-concert discussion at 7:30 pm

Irvine Auditorium, University of Pennsylvania

3401 Spruce Street, Philadelphia 19104


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2015, 8:00 pm; pre-concert discussion at 7:30 pm

Lang Concert Hall, Swarthmore College


Event at Lang Concert Hall, Swarthmore College is Free.

Discount can be applied as a group.


All Black Lives Matter: Die-In, March, & Vigil on the Mainline

There will be a three-part demonstration starting at Pembroke Arch to protest recent jury decisions in Ferguson and New York City. We encourage everyone, whether people of color or allies to people of color, to support the cause in whatever way they see fit.

Race is and has always been a complicated issue for Asians and Asian Americans. (This article highlights many prevailing concerns specific to Asian Americans.) We will continue this conversation at Monday night’s meeting by discussing how Asians and Asian Americans fit in to the complex system of racism in this country, specifically in light of recent events.

Below is a message from Haverford ASA about sign-making, which will take place at Dalton’s study tables at 4:20pm.

“Dear HASA, Hyphen, SAO, and fellow Asians and Asian Americans,

Tomorrow (Monday 12/8) afternoon, Tri-Co students are holding a die-in, march, and vigil to call for the importance of All Black Lives in our communities.

HASA invites all Asian and Asian American students to join us for sign-making beginning at 4:20 in Bryn Mawr Dalton Hall’s lower level study tables (directions below). We will walk to Pem Arch at 4:45, in time to depart with the group at 5pm. Haverford students can take the 4:10 bus.

Even if you cannot come to the sign-making, you can show your support by wearing all black. Finally, please remember that we are expressing solidarity — we are allies entering a space that seeks to highlight Black voices. “Speak Up, Not Over” when expressing Asian American support for the Black community.”

Updates can be found on the HASA and Hyphen Facebook pages.



Friday, October 22 thru Saturday, October 24

The House of Suh, Friday 10/22, 7:30 p.m.
Shorts Program:
Visions, Saturday 10/23, 1 p.m.
Wo Ai Ni, Mommy, Saturday 10/23, 3:15 p.m.
Ninoy Aquino and the Rise of People Power, Sunday 10/24, 1 p.m.
& more!

$8, General Admission
$6, Student + Senior
$30, Group of 5 (tickets only available online)
$50, Group of 10 (tickets only available online)

If you have any questions, please call Megumi: 215-557-0455 x221


THE HOUSE OF SUH (2010) tells the story of Andrew Suh and his sister Catherine, and how the values, conflicts, and dysfunctions of their Korean immigrant family led to the murder of Catherine’s fiance, Robert O’Dubaine. Eloquently narrated by Andrew, the documentary highlights issues of assimilation and the struggle between freedom and responsibility, raising questions about guilt, innocence, and the illusive gray area in-between. (Preceded by “Juche Rules”)

The House of Suh, Friday 10/22, 7:30 p.m.

From 2000-2008, China was the leading country for U.S. international adoptions. There are now approximately 70,000 Chinese children being raised in the United States. WO AI NI, MOMMY (2010) explores what happens when an older Chinese girl is adopted into an American family. This film reveals the complicated gains and losses that are an inherent aspect of international, transracial adoption. (Preceded by “Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother)”)

Wo Ai Ni, Mommy, Saturday 10/23, 3:15 p.m.
Community Partner: Chinese for Families

Previously, Gandhi had used nonviolence to drive the British from India. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had used nonviolence to broaden the civil rights of African Americans. In NINOY AQUINO AND PEOPLE POWER (2009), Benigno Aquino made nonviolence into a method for driving out national dictators and strengthening the cause of democracy. He set off a wave that rippled around the planet. (Preceded by “A Moth in Spring”)

Ninoy Aquino and the Rise of People Power, Sunday 10/24, 1 p.m.
Community Partner: Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia

For the full schedule of screenings, visit:
http://phillyasian.bside.com/2010/schedule/week ”

ASA BiCo Social

Want to meet Haverford’s ASA?
Like playing mahjong?
Like video games?
Like pizza?
Then come join us as the BiCo ASAs collaborate!!

Come see their ASA lounge and join in on a game of mahjong or play on their PS2. We will be ordering pizza and plenty of snacks will be provided.

Saturday, October 23
Haverford’s ASA Lounge (In the DC)

**There is a 2:15 blue bus from BMC to Haverford on Saturday**



Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

“The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF) is making its annual comeback from October 21st-24th!
The PAAFF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Asian American film and filmmakers throughout the Philadelphia region and educating and exposing the region on films about Asian Americans through an annual film festival.

Tickets are usually well under $10, and the schedule for all film schedules can be found here:http://phillyasian.bside.com/2010/schedule/week.

If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer at the festival, you are strongly encouraged to attend avolunteer session this Saturday, October 9th at the Asian Arts Initiative (1219 Vine Street, Philadelphia). You will receive more information on how to get involved.

Some of the upcoming events:

  1. PAAFF 2010 Official Launch Party partnered with DNA Nightlife at G Lounge (111 South 11thStreet) on October 8th 10:00 P.M. – October 9th 2:00 A.M. Event for 21+ only (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131049333611999&index=1#!/event.php?eid=113408655386916&index=1)
  2. PAAFF 2010: Perspectives on Asian American Identity on Penn’s Campus, International House (3701 Chestnut Street) on October 21 5:30 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131049333611999&index=1)
  3. PAAFF 2010: Opening Night Film – Colin Hearts Kay at Ibrahim Theater at the International House (3701 Chestnut Street) on October 21st 7:30 P.M. – 9:30 P.M. with a Free After Party (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137890809590547&index=1)

Check out the PAAFF website (http://www.phillyasianfilmfest.org/) or join the Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/#!/PAAFF?v=wall.) for more information.”

Free Show in NYC-Japanese Showcase


“Andy Suzuki & The Method have been working on bringing their music to Japan. The President of the Japanese management company they are working with is flying to NYC to watch this show. That’s a really long distance. Surely you can take the 20 minute subway ride. Plus, the show is FREE.

Watch rehearsal footage w/ the new JAPANESE band members: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI6z9X7dWAI

The band will be doing both Japanese and English songs.

Friday, September 17th.

The Bitter End
147 Bleecker St (between Thompson and LaGuardia)
New York, 10012

Free – just say “Andy Suzuki & The Method” at the door.

A,C,E to Spring
1,2 to Houston
4,6 to Bleecker St-Lex
B,D,F,M to Broadway-Lafayette
N,R to Prince”

Facebook Event

The 15th Annual Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid-Autumn Festival
Asian Americans United Presents

The 15th Annual Mid-Autumn Festival
Promoting the Culture & Well-Being of Our Community
Saturday, September 18th, 2010 from 1 to 7 pm
at the China Friendship Gate at 10th and Arch Streets

Co-sponsored by: Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School

Media support: Chinese Radio
For more information, please call AAU: Ellen at 215.925.1538
如有咨詢, 請與(Betty)呂太太聯絡: 215.569.2600

Sponsored by: DISH Network, HSBC, Health Partners, PNC Bank, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, Leeway Foundation,

Qiao Xin Dong, Banana Leaf Restaurant, Lee’s Family Association, Penn Asian Senior Services


12:45 to 6:00 pm
Arts Activities
Enjoy Music, Dance, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Beijing Opera, and a Mooncake-Eating Contest!

6:00 pm
Dragon Dance, Lion Dance & Lantern Parade through Chinatown!
(Lanterns will be available for purchase)

Every year, thousands of people gather under the full moon to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Philadelphia’s Chinatown.

Closing down 10th Street, people gather to reclaim old traditions and establish new ones, and in so doing, assert their right to exist as a community.

AAU’s Mid-Autumn Festival creates a time when people come together in an expression of community pride and collective responsibility.

Youth give a day of service, restaurants donate food, artists offer their talents, businesses and organizations chip in money –

hundreds of people work together to make the festival our own.

With support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the Philadelphia Cultural Fund,

Greater Philadelphia Traditions Fund, and the Philadelphia Folklore Project

High School Conversations with Swarthmore SAO – working with the local community

Swarthmore’s SAO has reached out to BMC ASA about High School Conversations. This event is a great opportunity (esp. for education minors!) to reach out to local high school students through mentorship. SAO members in the past have had positive experiences speaking with local high schoo students about their experiences from many angles (life, college and identity). SAO plans on having another college day this Saturday, Nov. 21st (tentative). If anyone wants to participate, please do not hesitate to contact Arthur Chyan asap (achyan1@swarthmore.edu). Thank you!


I want to introduce you to High School Conversations.

High School Conversations is an attempt to involve Swarthmore students with the broader community – specifically local Asian, Pacific Islander, Asian American, Pacific Islander American (API/A) high school students. Through facilitating interactions between these two populations, we hope to achieve two goals: 1) give college students an opportunity to learn about other perspectives on life and identity from a diverse group of local high school students and give back to the community beyond the college campus and 2) provide local API/A high school students with role models who look like them and also offer them with supportive environments to learn about college and identity.

We thought that our pilot program last year, which included a Saturday to get to know the high school students + offer them information about college options was a great success.  This year, we hope to recreate that day, and we recently successfully applied for funding!

At this time, we hope to open up the event to include Tri-Co participants too! It’s a chance for you to interact with the local community and pass on knowledge to an underserved population (many of these students come from single parent households below the poverty line and they don’t have sufficient college counseling).  If you are interested in meeting local students, acting as a mentor and/or want to work on a community project, please contact achyan1@swarthmore.edu ASAP.

We are aiming for this college day to take place on Saturday, November 21st, but it’s still tentative.  ALSO, there will be events next semester where you can work with these students too!  They’re really great people, and I hope you can join us in interacting with them!!



Film Screening at Haverford’s MCC: “The Visitor”

Amnesty International will be showing “The Visitor” in the Multicultural Center this Friday at 7.30pm. This Academy Award nominated film promises to be both deeply moving and highly entertaining. “The Visitor” highlights the issues surrounding immigrant rights in the US. This is definitely not a film to miss!

WHEN: Friday, Nov. 20th — 7:30-9:30pm
WHERE: Haverford MCC


Lieutenant Daniel Choi, Asian American LGBT Activist at UPenn

UPenn will be hosting a night of dinner and discussion with Lieutenant Daniel Choi
Thursday, November 19th in Houston Hall’s Hall of Flags!

Lt. Dan Choi

Lieutenant Dan Choi was a Korean American infantry officer who translated Arabic for the Army. He graduated from West Point, served twice in Iraq, and then joined the New York National Guard. In March 2009, he told the world he was gay on national television and 140,000 supporters signed a letter to President Obama and Congress asking them not to fire him. Unfortunately, the government did nothing and Lt. Choi has been dishonorably discharged in accordance with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Lt. Choi has become the face of the campaign to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. UPenn is bringing him to campus to share his experiences as a gay Korean American man in the military, and then leading a discussion on the intersection between the LGBT and Asian American communities and how it relates to our campus and our peers.

Organized by UPenn’s Asian Pacific Student Coalition, Queer People of Color, Sangam, and the LGBT Center with generous support from the Intercultural Fund, SPEC Connaissance, and Tangible Change.

WHAT: An Evening with Lt. Daniel Choi at UPenn
WHERE: Houston Hall, Hall of Flags
WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 19th, 5-8pm

For more information, please visit the Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=168382991234&ref=nf