Created 02/01/2014

Updated for the 2013-14 Term

Executive Board

Asian Students’ Association (ASA)


  1. Mission Statement

    1. Our mission is to educate the students of Bryn Mawr College, as well as the surrounding communities about issues and concerns affecting Asians and Asian Americans in today’s society; to empower our students to become future leaders by organizing cultural, political, and social activities and by acting as a support group for Asians and Asian Americans on and off campus; to build alliances with other cultural organizations on campus and at the local, state, and national level and to come together and share experiences and form a supportive community.


  1. Goals for the Semester (2013-14)

    1. Create a unified Asian American community on campus.

    2. Create a safe space within this community.

    3. Stimulate awareness of social justice topics through discussion.

      • Increase awareness of intersectionality.

      • Encourage appreciation of differences.

    4. Shape visible image among the larger Bryn Mawr audience through collaboration.


  1. Mutual Responsibilities & Expectations

    1. Communication is key. Update often.

      • GroupMe, Facebook Message, Bryn Mawr email

      • Be available for impromptu in-person meeting (emergency).

    2. Everyone has the privilege to edit the Calendar; update it with important event dates in advance.

      • Consider using the “Add Guests” feature, which will automatically email your individual participants.

    3. Attend and actively participate during all meetings: Executive Board, General Body, AMO Workshops.

      • In the event of emergency and a member cannot attend, inform all members of this absence at least 3 days in advance.

    4. Make use of Google Docs/Drive (BrynMawrASA’s account), and ensure all Executive Board members can view material.

    5. Take initiative and ensure everyone is fulfilling tasks.

      • If you have any questions, ask. Do not leave duties incomplete/overdue.

    6. Leave personal problems at the door.

      • If it gets in the way of duties, see above for impromptu meeting.


  1. Exectutive Board Positions and their Roles

    1. Co-Presidents

      • Oversee general management of ASA.

      • Ensure that all Executive Board members are fulfilling their duties.

        1. Facilitate mid-semester Exec Board feedback meeting

          1. Takes place outside of general exec board meeting.

          2. Mutual feedback (rest of board can give presidents feedback as well)

          3. For structure of meetings, see Mid-Sem Feedback doc

          4. Will re-edit Constitution with approval of Exec Board

      • Manages administrative tasks (leading Executive Board Meetings & General Meetings).

      • Answer all emails/messages directed to Bryn Mawr ASA in a timely manner (within 1 business day).

        1. when emailing other groups, cc other president

      • Forward all opportunities and important messages to listserve.

      • Exchange thoughts on division of duties and other tasks during closed “co-presidents only” meetings.

        1. Held every week: Wed. 7:30 PM (right after Exec Board meeting)

      • Create new secondary ASA positions (Social Chair, etc.) and appoint appropriate members with the approval of the Executive Board.

        1. Culture Show Co-Heads

        2. Asian American Heritage Week Committee members (and Head), etc.

      • Help train future Co-Presidents and Executive Board members.

    2. Treasurer

      • Responsible for all financial matters, including attending budget meetings and interviews, grievances, and the like.

      • Creates the semester budget with the approval of Executive Board members. Allocates appropriate amount of money for special events and donations.

      • Maintains budget, via shared Google Doc.

      • Sets dates to buy snacks. Sets limits on how much can be bought.

      • Buys supplies with card; collects all receipts; completes reimbursement paperwork within one month of purchase.

      • Manages AMO money.

      • Take 2-3 minutes during Exec Board meeting to give updates.

      • Provides budget updates to all members in timely fashion

        1. before SGA approval and after SGA approval

        2. Any changes made during semester

      • Informs members of any changes in SFC By-Laws.

      • In charge of selecting and appointing assistant treasurer, with approval of Executive Board.

    3. Secretary

      • [Beforehand] Reminds Executive Board members to add discussion topics to Google Doc

        1. Google Doc:

          1. Have A Template

            1. Create a new document every week after exec board meeting from template

              1. Date document with date of next meeting

        2. Use all social media (group me, facebook, zmail, etc.) to reach out.

        3. Consolidates and organizes topics via Google Doc, before an Executive Board Meeting.

      • [During] Records minutes during all Board Meetings.

      • [After] Re-formats minutes in neat and readable fashion for future reference. Reviews minutes for under discussed/missed topics and adds them to next meeting minutes’ “Old business”.

      • Acts as Historian: Archives all documents into the new 2013-2014 binder.

        1. This includes  documents associated with landmark moments.

        2. If necessary, can appoint Historian as assistant with approval of Executive Board.

      • Updates listserve (adding new members’ email addresses, etc.)

      • Manages sign-in sheets (printing before meeting, collecting afterwards).

    4. Publicity Chair

      • Oversees all advertising materials.

      • Manages information outlets: Posters/Flyers, Facebook Page, ASA Listserve reminder emails, Activities Listserve emails.

        1. Maintains Facebook Page (“sharing”/approving a link each time an outside party makes a post).

      • Manages photography during events, with others’ permission (asked at beginning of meeting).

        1. Uploads to Facebook in a timely fashion within 24 hours.

      • Relays all information and General Meeting reminders in a timely fashion

        1. Due Saturdays: meeting cartoons onto Facebook and instagram

          1. need approval of exec board FIRST.

        2. Via social media (Facebook events, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr).

        3. Creates other social media outlets.

        4. Due Monday mornings: email listserve and activities

      • Reserves rooms for Executive Board Meetings & General Meetings.

        1. Works with Conferences & Events and VirtualEMS.

      • Historian for Cartoon flyers due real time into Binder

      • Social Chair clause:

        1. Organizes parties and creative social events

        2. Contacts listserves and other social media to advertise

        3. Does any and all tasks required of them by Publicity Chair through collaboration

          1. includes weekly check-ups with Publicity chair

          2. Check-ups with Executive Board


  1. Executive Board Meeting Rules

    1. General Meeting Rules

      • Members are to arrive on the mutually agreed upon date: Sundays 9PM-10PM in Denbigh Backsmoker, 1st floor (room should always be requested in advance).

        1. Reschedule day: Fridays 4:30 PM

        2. Members are to arrive on the dot, NOT Bryn Mawr time.

        3. Members are recommended to bring laptops, print-outs, other devices, etc. that would help meetings run more efficiently.

      • All meetings will be conducted in an orderly manner.

      • Topics and minutes will be recorded by the secretary

        1. Missed/underdiscussed topics will be recorded for future discussion

    2. Cancellations/Postponements

      • Cancelled meetings during designated time should be rescheduled to designated rescheduling time

        1. Board members should notify others in advance of potential conflicts (3 days in advance)

    3. Outside Communication Rules

      • Be active on social media

        1. Facebook-check at least once a day

        2. GroupMe-keep in notification center

      • When feedback is requested, reply within # of hours specified by requesting member.

  2. ASA Culture Show (Fall semester in November)

    1. Appointment of Roles  (completed before end of school year)

      • Application and interview process

        1. Different application for heads of culture show/culture week

      • Must keep membership after show

    2. Outlining of Duties

      • Scheduled check-ins with executive board

      • Must contact guests before beginning of school year

    3. Role of School Rules

      • Use VirtualEMS to reserve Goodhart Theater before end of school year (for show & rehearsal)

      • Check building rules/requests of theatre staff

        1. Inform exec board of restrictions

        2. Ensure all performers are aware as well (eg; Goodhart staff hates food in theatre)

      • Food served in Glass Box

  1. Dissent & Conflict Management

    1. Within Executive Board

      • When Avoiding Assigned Task:

        1. Three email warnings, then Emergency Meeting

          1. similar process to Impeachment

            1. Warning: Assigned by Presidents, and only by Presidents

            2. If issue between two parties not involving Presidents, the parties MUST consult with Presidents first

      • Disagreement Over Execution/Ideas:

        1. Vote

          1. ⅗ majority

      • Meeting Attendance Issues:

        1. Accountability (for missed meetings):

          1. Two Warnings, Third Time Impeachment

            1. Impeachment: Defense against transgression; discussion must occur, possibility for resolution

              1. If not, must resign

        2. If Unable To Reach/Communicate With Member(s):

          1. Former Board

          2. Stephanie Nixon

    2. Impeachment

      • Both parties present evidence to neutral board members (uninvolved parties)

        1. Period of Discovery-collection of evidence

        2. Presentation/trial-explanations on both sides

        3. Cross-examination: Neutral board members can ask questions

      • Neutral board members vote on whether to remove that person from position

        1. Has to be majority vote, not unanimous agreement

    3. Within Club

      • Confront member alone

      • Remind other club members of safe space

    4. With Other Clubs

      • Meet with other club exec board

      • Stephanie Nixon



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