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Ongoing Initiative for Asian American/Diaspora Studies in the Tri-Co:

Hi friends,
I shared with a few of you that my next project will be advocating for a Tri-Co Concentration in Asian American/Diaspora Studies (AADS). This title is obviously up for revision, but gets inspiration from’ve created an online spreadsheet to collect names of Tri-Co professors who might be down with this movement. Please add any professors you know who would be interested in supporting an AADS program, who already teach on AADS issues, or even those who are simply Asian American academics in the Tri-Co, though they may not directly teach on these subjects. My goal is to have a reliable, student-generated list of professors whom I can then begin contacting to build a network of support for an AADS initiative. You can use and share the following link for the spreadsheet:

Thanks for reading, and please email me with any questions! This is my first formal step in my initiative so I welcome all comments, questions, feedback, advice, etc. Feel free to forward this message/link to anyone you think might be interested. I am having dinner with senior Haverford staff (and President Dan Weiss?) on Dec 1st. I invite you to send me comments or questions about Tri-Co Asian American issues that you want me to bring up during the dinner.

– Kelsey (