Past Events

Fall 2018 Events:


Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes and Boba
Friday Sept 28//Rock Common//7:00 pm


ASA X HASA Celebration Culture Show
Saturday Oct 6//Goodhart//7:00 pm

Spring 2018 Events:


Lunar New Year Celebration X AIS
Sunday Feb 18//Penang//12:00 pm


NYCAASC Conference
Saturday Apr 28//New York//All-day


Senior Celebration
Saturday May 4//Rhoads QSR//8:00 pm

AAPI Brunch
Sunday May 5//Chinatown//11:00 am

Fall 2017 Events:


Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
Saturday Oct 21//Rhoads QSR//7:00 pm

Un•Spoken Culture Show
Saturday Oct 28//Goodhart//7:00 pm


Migrant Rights Coalition X ASA X Mujeres* Community Dinner
Thursday Nov 9//Enid Cook Center//7:00 pm


End-of-Semester De-stresser/E-board Elections
Thursday Dec 14//CC 105//8:00 pm

Spring 2017 Events:


Movie Night Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Monday Mar 27//Pem West TV room//9:00 pm


Saturday Apr 15//New York//All Day

Senior Celebration
Friday Apr 28//Rhoads QSR//7:00 pm

Fall 2016 Events:


A Work in Translation Culture Show
Saturday Oct 1//Goodhart//7:00 pm

Cathy Dang CAAAV Speaker
Tuesday Oct 25//Dalton 200//4:00 pm


Mahnoor Ahmed’03 Speaker
Monday Nov 7//Dalton 25//5:30 pm

Cynthia Oka Poet Speaker
Friday Nov 18//English House//7:00 pm

Spring 2016 Events:


KBBQ Outing
Saturday Jan 30//Chinatown//6:00 pm


Lunar New Year Banquet
Saturday Feb 13//Sangkee Chinatown//11 am


Lost and Found Culture Show
Tuesday Mar 1// Goodhart // 6:30 pm


Senior Celebration
Friday Apr 22//Quita Woodward//6 pm

How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) Film Screening
Monday Apr 25//Thomas 110//8 pm

Fall 2015 Events:


Mid-Autumn Festival Dim Sum Outing
Saturday Sept 19// Chinatown // 11:00 am


Karaoke Night at Rising Tide
Friday Dec 4// Chinatown // 6:30 pm

Spring 2015 Events:


Seeking Asian Female Screening + Q&A
Friday Jan 30// Thomas 110 // 5:00 pm


Fresh Off the Boat TV Premiere
Wednesday Feb 4// Denbigh TV // 8:00 pm

Lunar New Year Banquet
Saturday. FEBRUARY 21ST//4-9pm

Spring 2011 Events:


First General Meeting
Thurs Jan 27// Dalton 2 // 7:00 pm


Lunar New Year Celebration
Friday. FEBRUARY 11TH//7-9pm

Discussion Series: Obligations vs. Passions
Thurs Feb 24 // Dalton 2// 9:00 pm


Discussion Series: Asians in the Media
Thurs March 24 // Dalton 2// 9:00 pm


Discussion Series: Emasculation of the Asian Man
Thurs April 7//Dalton 2//9:00 pm

Stone Forest Ensemble
Saturday April 23//Rhoads Dining Hall//7:30 pm

ASA Senior Night
Saturday April 30// Aelwyd Cambrian Row//6:00 pm

FALL 2010 Events:


Fall Frolic
Thursday. September 16th//4:30-7pm

Chinatown Pastry Social
Thursday, September 23rd//Dalton 2//9-10pm

Summer Internship Panel
Thursday, September 30th//Dalton 119//9-10pm

BiCo Mahjong Night

Culture Show
Saturday, November 20th//TGH

SPRING 2010 Events:


ASA Pre-Hell Week Tea!
Tuesday. February 2nd// Rhoads Quiet Study Room// 7-8pm

ASA Lunar New Year Dinner
Tuesday. February 9th// Thomas Great Hall// 6-8pm

What Does it Mean To Be Asian? Bubble Tea
Tuesday February 23rd // Dalton 2 //  7pm


“Made in China” screening with  Film Studies
Directed by Haverford Alum John Helde


Black, White, Whatever!
Spoken word artist, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai
Friday April 2nd // Campus Center // 8pm

FALL 2009 Events:

ASA Student-Faculty Tea
Thurs. Nov. 19th // Wyndham Blue Room // 4:30PM

ASA & CDA Co-sponsored Mental Health Meeting
Wed. Nov. 11th // Dalton 2 // 9:00pm

ASA & BrIC “Noodle” Film Screening
Tues. Nov. 10th // Thomas 224 // 8:00pm

Cup Noodle Study Break
Wed. Nov. 4th // Dalton 2 // 9:00pm

ASA’s 2009 Culture Show: DIVERSITY UNITED
Sat. Oct. 24th // TGH // Doors open @ 7, Show starts @ 7:30, Afterparty in PemEast @ 11!

Second General Meeting: Asian Americans and Media
Wed. Oct. 7th // Dalton 2 // 9:00PM

First General Meeting: Intro to different topics in Asian America and ASA!
Wed. Sep. 23rd // Dalton 2 // 9:00PM

Fall Frolic
Fri. Sep. 11th // Erdman Green // 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Ice Cream Social
Wed. Sep. 9th // Rhoads Basement Study Room // 9:00pm

SPRING 2009 Events:

ASA Senior Appreciation Banquet – please RSVP by 4/20!
Thurs. Apr. 30th // Dorothy Vernon Room // 6:30PM

HELEN ZIA: Transcending “Evil” in the Age of Obama: Notes of an Asian American Feminist — followed by Q&A, book signing and reception! Limited seating available
Wed. Apr. 22nd // DAL 300 // 7:30 – 9:00PM

ASA&SAW Joint General Meeting: Sexuality Discussion
Thurs. Apr. 16th // DAL 2 // 9:00PM

“Who Killed Vincent Chin?” Documentary Screening
Thurs. Apr. 9th // Taylor E // 8PM

Bi-Co Petition Petition Retreat #2
Sat. Apr. 4th // The Gallery @ Market East // 11AM

International Justice Week: LiNK “Crossing” Film Screening & Discussion
Fri. Apr. 3rd // Thomas 224 // 7:00PM

Bi-Co Meet & Greet
Sat. Mar. 28th // Haverford ASA Lounge // 1:30PM

ASA General Meeting: Funny or Not?
Thurs. Mar 26th // DAL2 // 9:00 pm

Tri-Co Casino Petition Retreat
Sat. Mar. 21st // The Gallery @ Market East // 11AM

Class Hangout! :)
Thurs. Feb. 26th // time & place TBA

AMO Spring Fling
Tues. Feb 24th // Campus Center // 12:00 – 4:00 pm

Guest Speaker Pearl Kim – Crimes Against Asians & AAs in the Community
Thurs. Feb. 12th // DAL 2 // 9:00pm

ASA Welcome Back Lunar New Year Dinner
Wed. Feb. 4th // Haffner DV // 6:30pm

FALL 2008 Events:

2009 ASA Exec Board Elections
Thurs Dec 11th // Dalton 119 // 9:00 pm

2008 ASA Culture Show: CelebrASIAN of Asian American Women
Sat Nov 22nd // TGH // 7:30 pm

Discussion Series: Sexuality
Thurs Nov 13th // Dalton 119 // 9:00 pm

Student-Faculty Tea!
Wed Nov 12th // Quita Woodward // 4:30 pm

Discussion Series: AA Communities
Thurs Nov 6 // Dalton 119 // 9:00 pm

Discussion Series: Education, Asia vs. US
Thurs Oct 30 // Dalton 119 // 9:00 pm

Stress Less Tea
Thurs Oct 9 // Dalton 119 // 9:00 pm

First General Meeting
Thurs Sept 25 // Dalton 119 // 9:00 pm

Family Reunion Picnic!
Sept 20 // Cambrian Green // 12:30 pm