Meet the 2014-2015 Board!

Co-Presidents: Miranda Canilang (’17) & Amy Xu (’17)

Treasurer: Joy Chan (’17)

Publicity: Connie Lam (’18)

Secretary: Ann Tran (’18)


Miranda Canilang is excited to be back on board again after serving as Publicity Chair for the past year (and even more excited to lead A/ASA with her best friend Amy!). As a 3rd generation Chinese-Filipina American from New Jersey, she did not become active in the Asian American community until she came to Bryn Mawr. Since then, she’s interned for Asian Cinevision’s AAIFF and currently blogs for ECAASU. When she’s not with A/ASA, BMCS Concert Series, Re:Humanities, Bi-Co orchestra rehearsal, or Choom Boom, you can find her lurking the world wide internet.

Amy Xu is even more excited than Miranda to lead the A/ASA board with her best friend. She deeply believes in both the multiplicity of APA experiences and the powerful solidarity that results from APA unity. Even though she loves greasy Chinese takeout, Amy saw chop suey for the first time in her life at Erdman Dining Hall.

Joy Chan loves A/ASA as it is like her extended family on campus and always finds a way to find where the food is first during meetings. She is from Singapore and loves trying all types of food, dancing, singing, hugging trees + people, and surprising people with phrases such as “I’m an Asian Mormon”. In terms of money, she was treasurer for her HS dance club which had 200 girls to account for and believes that she has what it takes to handle the budget this year.

This is Connie Lam’s first year at Bryn Mawr College and so currently, she doesn’t quite know what she wants to major in yet. She is from Massachusetts and would proudly give anybody who stops by Boston her personalized tour of Boston. Her hobbies include reading, going on Facebook to procrastinate, and singing loudly (and off-key) in the shower. Don’t hesitate to say hi to her if you see her!

Ann Tran, Class of 2018, is Secretary. Her job includes but is not limited to taking notes during A/ASA’s awesome meetings, planning events and event locations, and more. She is a Green Ambassador for Rockefeller dorm, Class of 2018 Co-President, and volunteer for Adelante, a STEM and College Access program for middle school students in Norristown, PA. For fun, she likes to imagine herself at the gym and reward herself with twice as much cake. Her intended major is Chemistry, but this is subject to change. Ann is from Boston, MA.