Welcome Class of ’13!!!!

The Bryn Mawr ASA would like to give a big warm welcome to the Class of 2013! We are so psyched to meet all of you :) Please stop by our table at Bryn Mawr’s upcoming Fall Frolic to get to know more about ASA and meet some of our members! See you very soon!

And now, introducing the members of our ASA Board 2009…


“YEAHHHH 2013!!!!!!! I’m so excited to meet you beautiful ladies and I hope you all consider becoming an active part of the ASA family! Come stop by our table at Fall Frolic and say hi to me if you see me around campus. I’ll even help you scheme against evil sophomores if necessary MUAHAHA ;)” -Cynthia
Name: Cynthia Kuang
Position in ASA Board: Co-President
Year: the BEST year – 2011 (sister class woot!)
Major: East Asian Studies
What did you do this summer?: Intern at NYU’s CSAAH
Best Summer Memory: Rooftop picnic right underneath Fourth of July fireworks in NYC
Favorite movie: Hmm…I don’t have any favorite movies, but I do have favorite TV shows/dramas! American: Law & Order SVU / Chinese: Devil Beside You, Prince Turns Into Frog & TVB’s Rosy Business
“Hello sister class! Welcome to Bryn Mawr! I hope to see you all around this year :)” -Jackie
Name: Jackie Kim
Position in ASA Board: Co-President
Year: 2011
Major: Sociology
What did you do this summer?: taught 15 adorable kindergartners
Favorite movie: no favorites but I like comedy, action, and war movies

Name: Ruilin Xu
Position in ASA Board: Treasurer
Year: 2011
Major: Economics
What did you do this summer?: Went to Java/Bali for a 10-week-long research program.
Best Summer Memory: Motorbike rides to the Merapi Mountain in Java ; parasailing with friend; dinner on the beach; …and met many new cool people!
Favorite movie: constantly changing. Angels and Demons is my favorite movie this year.


“Hey ladies! I met a lot of friends through ASA my freshman year, and I can’t wait to meet you all!” -Vicky
Name: Vicky Chu
Position in ASA Board:
Year: 2012
Major: English
What did you do this summer?: read the Times, lounge around illegally downloading music, borrow real library books, jog roughly five minutes a day, and wander around the best city in the world.
Best summer memory: failing my road test… just kidding, discovering a magical bridge
Favorite movie: Moulin Rouge
“Yayyy class of  ’13!!! I’m so excited for all the things happening for you guys and ASA this year :)” -Elaine
Name: Elaine Choi
Position in ASA Board: Publicity Chair
Year: 2010
Major: Cultural Anthropology
What did you do this summer?: Worked as an intern in sunny Los Angeles with the Korean American Coalition and CBS2/KCAL9.
Best Summer Memory: Too many to choose from, but one of them would be eating yummy takeout burgers and sweet potato fries in Santa Monica.. on the beach…mmmm. (yes, that’s exactly what I am doing in my picture)
Favorite movie: As of now, 500 Days of Summer!